The Fantasies vs The Reality

Armory of the Revolution

Every night for the past 30 years, as I laid my head on my pillow each night, I have contemplated the same question: How can we win?

No answer besides violent revolution has ever come to me.

I have often fantasized about weighing my life against those who abuse and murder animals, and tried to determine the most effective trade.

My life for the most animal abusers. How could I do the most damage to the enemies of animals?

How can one person make a difference? Billions of animals murdered every year, millions tortured. If not actually saving animals, could I do something to change people? To awaken the public? To shame the abusers? To frighten them? To extract an eye for a million eyes?

I’ve had no shortage of fantasies. Exploding a drone in a bullring. Detonating an animal trophy stuffed with C-4 at a Safari Club convention, or…

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