Slavery Was Legal. For Animals It Still Is.

Armory of the Revolution

All legal systems provide for, acknowledge, and support the ownership of our fellow Earthlings by humans. Unless, of course they also are human.

Since climbing out of the trees a quarter million years ago, people have owned people until just 150 years ago.

Animal ownership is a prerequisite to animal exploitation. Almost all cruelty to animals is carried out against animals that are owned by their abusers and killers.

The entire Animal Holocaust (the most horrific reign of terror in history) could not occur without animal ownership.

The end of ownership of animals is well below the horizon. And it can not end without ending the legal and economic systems under which it is permitted and thrives.
I am a lawyer, but I do not respect the law.

Law is human-biased. Anthrocentric. Blind to other species.

Law does not recognize Animal Rights, nor does it treat other species as…

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