Berners Are Taking Over the Democratic Party One County at a Time

Armory of the Revolution

While Perez, Pelosi, Schumer, and other establishment Democratic hacks are posturing, defending Clinton, attacking Russian influence in the election, and ignoring Sanders voters, a quiet revolution is occurring in the grass roots of the Democratic party.

The shock troops of Bernie Sanders’ political revolution are slowly and inexorably taking over the party at the local level.

From the East Coast to California, Berners are challenging Hillary hacks for positions as county committee members, precinct captains, and ward leaders. The party is being forcibly changed in skirmishes in union halls, church basements, and living rooms.

Unreported by the press, ignored by pundits, and dismissed by party leaders, the rank and file are fundamentally changing the party.

The change is issue driven and philosophical. It is progressivism versus neoliberalism.

The left versus the center.

Sanders supporters versus corporate Democrats.

The future versus the past.

It is the beginning of the end of…

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