Easter: There Is No Lamb of God

Armory of the Revolution

Armory editor and contributor Natasha Sainsbury attacks the very foundations of animal cruelty and exploitation in this brilliant analysis

Easter: There Is No Lamb of God

by Natasha Sainsbury

In the days mail I spied a colorful Easter egg shaped flyer for one of the big supermarkets. It was cheerful, had foil wrapped eggs pictured on the front, and thinking it creative I “cracked” open the mailing, and perhaps because I was expecting the promise of chocolate offers, the image first to greet me, was as startling as it was.

I read the words next to dismembered corpse: “Butchers selection lamb leg bone in joint”

Lamb leg bone.


Baby lamb.

Spring-born lamb who didn’t get a chance at life. Dead now, for Easter.

A time of year for many to celebrate life, and for those of Christian belief especially, to celebrate the ressurection of Jesus. Many, rejoicing in his…

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