Want to Help Animals? Be a Vigilante!

Armory of the Revolution

Armory contributor Marcia Mueller challenges animal activists

by Marcia Mueller

Every day animals are tortured on factory farms and slaughterhouses, baby chicks are ground up alive, wild animals are caught in steel-jaw traps or filled with bullets and arrows, bull are tormented in the corrida, and old, crippled, and sick animals are forced onto trucks for an arduous journey to a brutal death. And most animal activists preach peace and nonviolence . Really? Where has that gotten us? How has that helped the animals?

I get the pragmatic part of it. Legally and morally human beings have placed themselves on a higher plane, which means they have the right to torture and kill but never, under any circumstances, be harmed themselves. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) made it a central tenet of their operations to never, ever harm human beings or even place them in jeopardy. And they followed that…

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