Progressives: Are You a Guerilla or a Gadfly?

Armory of the Revolution

As progressives we have a fundamental question to pose to each other and to ourselves. The answer to the question will determine the future of the progressive movement and the roles we will play in that future.

We can become commandos or cry-babies.

Warriors or wimps.

Fighters or frightened.

Guerillas or gadflies.

A third party cannot win the presidency. EVER. Simple math and the Electoral College prevent it. The only shot progressives have is taking over the Democrats or wounding them so badly that a SECOND party emerges.

We can’t wound them by running away. We must weaken them in primaries and vote Republican in the generals.

I understand the frustration of many progressives who gave their hearts and souls to the Sanders campaign. They saw the treachery of the DNC, the rigged primaries, the contempt of the Wall Street Democrats, the heartbreak of Bernie endorsing the Whore of Wall…

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