Thought of the Day. A third party won’t work. We need a SECOND party! March 20, 2017

Armory of the Revolution

Instead of merely posting status updates on Facebook, I am now also posting each apothegm, thought, observation, and witticism, here, as a Thought of the Day.
Status updates on Facebook disappear into the ether and cannot be relocated by readers.
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Readers are welcome to contribute thoughts, apothegms, observations, and witticisms. Attribution will be given for any we publish. Send an email to rolandvincent@yahoo.com with the subject Submission

Today’s Thought:

A third party cannot win the presidency. EVER. Simple math and the Electoral College prevent it. The only shot progressives have is taking over the Democrats or wounding them so badly that a SECOND party emerges.

We can’t wound them by running away. We must weaken them in primaries and vote Republican in the generals.

Armory Notes:

I am unaware of…

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