Unless Democrats Nominate a Sanders Progressive in 2020, Trump will Win a Second Term and Republicans Will Control the House until 2032

Armory of the Revolution

Unless Democrats can win enough state houses and legislative chambers to undo the gerrymandering that Republicans pulled off in 2010, control of the House will remain in the hands of Republicans for another decade. And right now, it appears that the Democrats will fall quite short in the 2018 midterm elections.

The only possibility of Democratic success will be in the 2020 general elections. With a strong enough Democratic presidential candidate, the possibility of Democrats retaking governorships and state legislatures could mean Democratic control of the House of Representatives through 2032. And even more importantly, the election of a Democratic president,

If the Democrats run another Wall Street Whore (male or female) in 2020, Trump will retain those disaffected Democrats in the Rust Belt who were responsible for his winning the presidency.

Those disaffected Democrats who handed Trump the White House were pissed off Bernie Sanders voters.

And if a…

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