Lucy’s Lemonade Stand vs Coke and Pepsi

Armory of the Revolution


The notion that a third party could successfully challenge the Republicans and Democrats is as absurd as believing Lucy Van Pelt could knock off Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

Those promoting the Greens or a People’s party ignore the most basic political truism: It would require the expenditure of billions upon billions of dollars to sufficiently brand the Greens or another third party to effectively make them a viable political alternative to the Democrats and Republicans.

Selling a third party to American voters is no different than selling tires, cereal or creamed corn. To get consumers to purchase an unknown brand requires substantial marketing and advertising campaigns. Branding a political party is even more difficult than branding a product, as promotions and incentives are impossible to offer.

Aside from the profound economic prohibition to the success of a third party is the stark political reality that the American political system discourages minor…

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