Why Bernie Endorsed Hillary. The Big Picture.

Armory of the Revolution


We forget the political landscape of 2015 and the years before.

We forget that there was no champion for progressives, no leader speaking to the dismal record of the Obama administration, no leader advocating for universal healthcare, no leader demanding a living minimum wage, no leader calling out Wall Street and the banks for owning the federal government, no one leading a charge against fracking, Arctic drilling, Big Oil pipelines, or taxpayer subsidies to the oil industry,

The Democratic establishment had already crowned Hillary as president-in-waiting. Obama was going to see a third term of Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, and Wall Street hacks running the next administration.

A number of progressive Democrats implored Elizabeth Warren to run. When she blew us off we turned to Bernie Sanders.

Bernie electrified the left! He articulated so many of the issues that mattered to us. The progressive movement exploded!

Bernie, of course, is not perfect…

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