Progressives Must Adopt the Tea Party Playbook

Armory of the Revolution

Boston Tea Party destroying tea in Boston Harbor December 16, 1773.

I live in cobalt blue California. There was no possibility of anyone other than Hillary carrying the state. Trump couldn’t have won here, so I got to vote my conscience: Jill Stein.

Like many Berners. I could not bring myself to vote for Hillary. I hoped Trump would win, and I counseled progressives in swing states to vote for Trump. But for those in deep red or blue states, my advice was to help the Greens.

Thankfully, my advice was ignored by Rust Belt Berners, who gave Trump the wins in traditionally blue states of Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Pissed off Blue Collar Berners handed Trump the presidency and altered the political landscape for a generation.

Hillary was repudiated. Establishment Democrats were repudiated. Establishment Republicans were repudiated. Politics as usual was repudiated. And the Greens were repudiated.

If there were ever a scenario that favored the Greens, the 2016…

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