Trump is Saving More Animals Inadvertently than Anyone in History Has Done on Purpose

Armory of the Revolution

Jude Becker humanely raises pigs on his organic farm in Dyersville, Iowa.

Donald Trump does not give a shit about animals. Although he doesn’t hunt, he has raised two animal serial killers. He owned a steak company. He showers his wife with furs. I wouldn’t trust him with the life of an animal any farther than I could throw him.

But on his worst day, Trump is doing more for animals than has any president since Lyndon Johnson. (Johnson signed the Animal Welfare Act over 50 years ago, the high water mark of animal concerns.)

Trump is almost single-handedly responsible for killing the Trans Pacific Partnership. In doing so, some five or six billion fewer animals will be raised and slaughtered each year compared to predicted TPP levels.

Trump’s immigration ban is causing havoc in the slaughter industries. Big Ag depends on unskilled immigrant labor to kill and process animals trapped in the food system. Cutting off the supply of illegal immigrants…

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