Trump is More Liberal than was FDR

Armory of the Revolution


Most Democrats today have a romanticized view of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Rather than being the champion of the underprivileged and the poor, FDR was a capitalist to the core who advanced social programs to defuse social revolution.

There was a very real possibility that America would experience the same revolutionary ardor that swept Russia fifteen years earlier.

People were out of work and starving. There were bread and soup lines everywhere. Unemployment was more common than employment. There were no safety nets. The communists were gaining ground among the public. The Socialists were seen as a real alternative to the Democrats.

FDR’s programs were calculated to avert revolution.

Like Trump, FDR had a blurred vision of constitutional authority. When the Supreme Court ruled his programs unconstitutional, he attempted to pack the court by expanding its membership to 15 justices from the extant nine.

Like Trump, FDR was not fazed by…

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