Trump Could Be Another FDR

Armory of the Revolution


Donald Trump takes office owing no one anything. Unlike every president since Teddy Roosevelt, Trump has no masters.

He funded his own primary campaign. He was attacked by both the Republican and Democratic establishments. All three living ex-presidents opposed him, as did every living former Republican nominee. He took on Wall Street, the banks, the military-industrial complex, the pharmaceutical lobby, the multi-national corporations. He has promised universal healthcare, an end to military belligerence, rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure, rebuilding the inner-cities, ending or renegotiating our trade agreements.

Trump has the potential to be another FDR.

Democrats seem oblivious to this basic fact: On policy matters, Trump is closer to progressive Democrats than he is to the right wing base of the Republican party.

There may be stupider people in the world than Democrats who are attacking Trump personally, but none jump to mind.

We should be going after Trump’s nominees, not…

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