The Animal Movement: Two Centuries of Failure

Armory of the Revolution


The following insightful analysis by Marica Mueller was first advanced in reply to “A Promising New Way Forward for Animal Rights? “ published on the Armory.

Mueller’s assessment of the accomplishments of the animal movement over the past two hundred years is a chilling documentation of complete and utter failure.

Failure of legislative action, failure of impacting the treatment of animals, failure to enlist the public, failure to save lives, failure to change society.

More animals are tortured and killed now than at any time in history. Animals are treated more cruelly now than ever before.

Mueller’s observations should cause every activist to question what we are trying to accomplish and how we are going about it. Honest reflection should cause every animal activist to realize that the animal movement is losing, that the animals are losing.

And that if we keep doing what we have been doing, an…

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