Dogmas are Killing the Earth

Armory of the Revolution


by Marcia Mueller

We continue our carelessness and destruction of the planet, ignoring all the science that warns of catastrophe, both for human beings and even more for other species, many of whom we have already driven to extinction. And for all the arrogance about our human exceptionalism, intelligence, and capacity for rational thought, we go down the path of destruction placing more on faith in institutions that are becoming dysfunctional than on the accumulating evidence. We need to evaluate if we can afford to act on past beliefs in an imperiled world.

First, there is religious faith. As noted in an excellent article on this blog, the Church continues to enforce its past doctrines and dogmas. The Catholic faith bases its ban on contraception on its belief in Natural Law and that belief rests on two foundations: The first is that all things need to work toward their natural…

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