Pay Money or Hell to Pay?

Armory of the Revolution


Animal protection organizations, like all NGOs, rely on the generosity of donors to operate and to survive.

Unfortunately, most animal organizations must pay salaries, leases, rents, telephone, internet, insurance, office supplies, travel, printing, postage, advertising, media buys, television ads, etc, before a dime actually gets spent on programs and campaigns.

Factor in the costs of fundraising, and the animals only receive pennies on the donated dollar.

The larger the organization, the greater the overhead, the larger the salaries, the higher the rents, the greater the expenses for fundraising. The less per donated dollar that ends up working for the animals.

Local rescues and small animal protection organizations are primarily run by volunteers. More of the dollars they receive go to animals and animal programs than do the dollars that are raised by professional fundraising companies for giant, national, bureaucratic organizations.

When you give $20, be sure it actually buys a…

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