Red State Revolutionary

Armory of the Revolution


by Marcia Mueller

I became involved with animals much sooner than with any political theories or interests. I grew up in a small town that did not even have an animal shelter or a regular veterinarian. There were no mailings from humane organizations, such as PETA or FARM or MFA, because they were all in the future.

But I saw things I hated. Hunters did not invariably have pickup trucks then, so they came into town with dead deer and elk tied to their car bumpers and roofs. In the fall priests would give sermons warning hunters that if they skipped mass to go hunting, they would go to hell. It seemed to me they should have gone to hell for killing the animals not for missing church! The clergy had no satisfactory answers to my complaints about their misplaced threats. I was also taken to a kennel one day…

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