Radicalizing the Animal Movement

Armory of the Revolution

My mission in life is to radicalize the animal movement. To have it become a revolutionary force in world politics and public policy.

Before that can ever be possible, animal activists must come to realize that they are part of the political left.

That the animal movement is a leftist one.

Just as the fight against slavery was leftist, just as the the fight for voting rights for Blacks and for women were leftist causes.

Same with child labor, workplace safety, the 40 hour work week, Social Security, integration, and gay rights.

Each of these issues was championed by leftists and opposed by conservatives.

Conservatives have been the apologists for oppression, the naysayers to all demands for rights and freedoms, the defenders of the status quo, the fodder for capitalism, the opponents of reason, the enemies of knowledge, science. and education.

Everything we are doing as a movement posits failure…

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