Wild Poodles. And Other Proofs of Creationism

Armory of the Revolution

wildpoodlesThat people still buy into creationism is as bizarre as people believing the world is flat.

Yet they do.

I have a brother who is a fundamentalist preacher. We are poles apart on politics, religion, animal rights, etc.

I am an atheist. He is a creationist.

I am a revolutionary socialist. He is a conservative Republican.

I believe animals should have the rights to live and be to free of enslavement and abuse, he believes animals are here for our use. He thinks god has given us “dominion” over them.

I accept scientific explanations for the Earth and the universe, he thinks a sky wizard zapped it all together in 6 days, and then had to take a breather on the 7th.

Like most creationists, he thinks the world is only a few thousand years old. He believes there really was an Adam and an Eve, a Noah, and a…

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