Why Veganism Isn’t Working

Armory of the Revolution


Abolishing the ownership, use, and exploitation of animals would seem the logical goal of all who care about animals.

Abolition is legal prohibition. It means government action, proscription, enforcement, consequences.

Curious, then, that many who call themselves “abolitionists” have absolutely no clue to the concept.

So called “abolitionists” use the term to mean that they oppose any action that is not promoting veganism. While on cursory examination the idea may seem laudable, it is actually counter-productive to the interests of animals and subversive of the entire animal movement.

The “abolitionist approach” is based upon a false premise. It opines that we can change the world through one-on-one recruiting of people to veganism.

In fact, we are losing ground to carnism. The general population is increasing faster than the vegan population. More animals are being slaughtered than ever before in history, and the number will continue to increase. Estimates are that…

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