Our Forebears Raped Women and Ate Meat, Why Shouldn’t We?

Armory of the Revolution


Every human on Earth is likely the product of a rape at some point in his or her ancestry.
In the dim recesses of time, our forebears engaged in unbridled atrocities against each other. They raped females, murdered other tribes, plundered and violated weaker villages.

And killed animals for their flesh.

Today, we have laws against rape, murder, robbery, pedophilia, and pederasty. No one argues that we should tolerate such barbarism or defends it on the basis that our ancestors engaged in such conduct.

Unless the barbarism is killing animals.

Then we hear all about how humans are omnivores. How humans are at the top of the food chain, that we are only doing what comes naturally to us.

We now know that humans can thrive without raping women, without violating children, or without robbing their neighbors.

We also know humans can thrive without consuming animal flesh.

Just as we…

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