They Were Wallace Democrats. Then They Were Reagan Democrats. Now They Are Trump Democrats.

Armory of the Revolution


In between they were Obama Democrats and even Bernie Sanders Democrats.

That simple realization would have changed the entire election cycle. The lack of understanding of that fact made it impossible for Hillary to win. 

The Trump Democrats are not racists. They are not conservatives. They are not ideologues.

They are pragmatic populists. When something is not working, they want it fixed. When they are ignored, they will get your attention. When you screw them over, they will get even.

Trump Democrats were Obama voters in ’08 and ’12, believing in the “change” he promised.

Trump Democrats were Berners in ’16, tired of trade agreements and Wall Street.

They didn’t change their minds in the 2016 general election, they changed their votes to Trump.

They are not respecters of the establishment. They see the establishment as their enemy.

No one was more establishment than was Hillary, and no one was more…

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