A High School Student Could Have Beaten the Pundits

Armory of the Revolution


In July I predicted that Trump would defeat Hillary. After the election I got all kinds of accolades for my keen insight and profound political analysis skills. I stood out because political pundits and analysts were wrong to a man.

Reminds me of the adage that in a land of the blind a one-eyed person is king.

I was the one-eyed guy. Had I been using two eyes, I would have called the race a year ago.

A high school civics student could have seen this coming. All they had to do was listen to the candidates and see who responded.

Minorities and women responded to Hillary.

Conservatives and pro-lifers responded to Trump.

All typical of the usual constituencies.

What was different this year than in ’00, ’04, ’08, and ’12?

One critically important Democratic constituency was listening to Trump.

Blue collar Democrats in the Rust Belt!

Working men and…

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