Hillary and Her Supporters Set Race Relations Back 50 Years

Armory of the Revolution


Any responsible autopsy of the Clinton campaign will acknowledge a number of counter-intuitive results that can be attributed to Hillary and her supporters.

The most obvious one being the election of Donald Trump. But for the Hillary campaign and her cohorts at the Democratic National Committee, Bernie Sanders would have been the Democratic nominee. And there is little doubt he would have defeated Trump.

The Democratic leadership paid a phenomenal price in nominating and running Hillary Clinton.

In their zeal to do the bidding of Wall Street, they put their core constituencies at risk of monumental losses. The Republican controlled Congress will be positioned to send President Trump legislation impacting social programs and the environment. Women’s issues, voting rights, border walls, deportations, Medicare, food stamps, public education, corporate welfare, etc.

Any and all of it are thanks to Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and her supporters.

The irony is both…

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