The Greens Did Worse Than Hillary!

Armory of the Revolution


The repudiation of Hillary Clinton and her Wall Street Democrats was the primary message of the general election, but it was not the only message.

The repudiation of the Green party was even more profound. Progressives supported Hillary, stayed home, or voted for Trump. They did not vote Green.

Jill Stein’s positions were nearly identical to those of Bernie Sanders, yet progressives who supported Bernie overwhelmingly rejected the Greens.

It is difficult to envisage a more compelling scenario for the Greens than existed in this election cycle. Bernie Sanders was cheated out of the Democratic nomination by a war mongering Wall Street shill, the Republicans nominated an anti-environment xenophobe, and the only voice of reason was Jill Stein.

Yet Stein only received a quarter of the percent of the vote that Ralph Nader garnered in 2000.

For the progressive movement, the Greens are a non-starter.

If we as progressives are…

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