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Like many Berners. I was disappointed and frustrated by Bernie’s endorsement of the Whore of Wall Street. And like many Berners I voted for Jill Stein.

And I did much more than vote for Stein. I campaigned for her, urging progressives and animal activists in non-swing states to vote Green.

My motivation was to help the Greens reach the 5% necessary to qualify for federal funding.

But many political newbies actually believed Jill had a prayer. They looked at the registration numbers for independent voters and reached the absurd conclusion that all independents were Bernie voters. Voters registered as independents outnumber both Democrats and Republicans, but they do not vote as a bloc for third party candidates.

Jill Stein received less than a third of the votes that Ralph Nader earned in 2000.

She received one twentieth of the votes Ross Perot garnered in 1992.

For those unwilling to buy…

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