President Trump: A Cheap Price for a Progressive Democrat in 2020

Armory of the Revolution


I see the Trump presidency as the price we must pay to change the Democratic party.

To be sure, it is an expensive price. But it is necessary if we are ever to have a progressive Democratic party. But in that regard, Trump is a bargain.

In it’s current iteration, the Democratic party is a mouthpiece for Wall Street. It is owned by Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag, and the military-industrial complex.

It is a war party. A corrupt party. A party indistinguishable from the Republican establishment.

Hillary Clinton was the poster child of the establishment. She and her sycophants would have strangled any progressive efforts to change the party’s leadership or legislative agenda.

Thankfully, she was defeated.

With Hillary gone, Democrats will have the chance to rebound in 2018 and the chance to nominate and elect a true progressive in 2020.

My choice to lead the party is Bernie…

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