Hillary Is Running a Scam on Animal Activists

Armory of the Revolution

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To those animal activists who have not yet voted, or have not yet decided for whom to vote, this article is for you. Marcia Mueller, a frequent contributor, raises enough questions about Hillary Clinton’s sincerity and veracity as to give any animal activist pause who is considering voting for her.

By Marcia Mueller

Activists who believe Hillary’s website promises to help animals don’t seem to know that much about animal rights or Hillary Clinton.

On her campaign website, Hillary promises to promote animal welfare, and the list includes protecting wildlife in the U.S., combating international wildlife trafficking, protecting pets, protecting farm animals, and protecting horses.

In the interests of space, just looking at the last two “protections” raises questions.

Hillary will help horses by “cracking down” on the practice of horse soring. This is an abuse of Tennessee walking horses which involves burning their legs or hooves with caustic agents…

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