The Move to Overturn Citizens United is a Scam

Armory of the Revolution


When the Supreme Court decided the Citizens United case, there was a great hue and cry from both Democratic politicians and the public. The Court had ruled that corporations are persons within the meaning of the First Amendment, and that they have the right to political free speech. Political free speech, in America, means the freedom to bribe candidates for office and elected public officials.

Political bribery is the means special interests and Big Business employ to ensure that legislators vote their way. That they get special tax treatment. That their industries aren’t too regulated. That they get sweetheart contracts from government. That consumers and employees do not gain enough power to impact business.

Political bribery is what makes the US a fascist country. Fascism isn’t stiff-arm salutes and goose-stepping troops. It is the merger of corporate and government power. And it is no more in evidence anywhere on Earth…

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