Don’t Confuse Me with Facts! The Big, Bad, Bogeyman is Coming!

Armory of the Revolution


That stupid people can easily be manipulated is understandable. That rational, intelligent ones can be is astounding.

But fear is a great equalizer. When the weapon of misinformation is employed against the populace, both the stupid and the intellectuals, and all in between, can be caught up in the herd.

The Pavlovian response to Trump by otherwise reasonable liberals is typical of the effects of orchestrated propaganda.

Negative campaigning is as old as the Republic. It is usually used to augment a positive campaign. However, in this election cycle Hillary Clinton is so unpopular with even her own supporters that almost her entire campaign as been one of making Trump the bad guy.

As a result, most of Hillary’s voters are voting for her out of fear of Trump.

And with that fear comes an inability to rationally evaluate either Trump or Hillary.

With simple comparisons of the candidates beyond…

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