There Is No Karma. There Is No Justice. There Is Just Us.

Armory of the Revolution


People embrace the idea of karma for the same reasons many embrace religion. To provide a sense of justice in an unfair and cruel world.

At most there are anecdotal instances of karmic justice, as when a bullfighter is gored or a hunter shot. We ascribe such justice to karma. But it is really just the statistical risk of engaging in dangerous activities.

If there really were such a thing as karma it would be ubiquitous. An eye for an eye. No one would be able to inflict more harm than one could suffer. Justice would be universal and the world would make sense. It isn’t and it doesn’t.

If karma existed it would have stopped the Nazi Holocaust as it began. Karma would have dealt with Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Lyndon Johnson, George W Bush, and Hillary Clinton. It would have prevented wars in their infancy. Slavery…

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