Electing Hillary Means President Cruz in 2020

Armory of the Revolution


For being relatively well educated and supposedly intellectual, most liberals are pretty dim-witted when it comes to politics.

Most haven’t thought this election through beyond November 8th.

Nor do they think they need bother.

For them, Trump’s bombast and locker-room narratives are ample reason to reject someone who objectifies women and embrace Hillary, (who has actually killed women).

The need for political correctness over substantive policy alone should set off all kinds of morality buzzers in anyone, let alone among the more intellectually gifted in our midst.

To be sure, Trump’s proposals do not endear him to liberals. And the Republican platform is anathema to those of us who value the progress achieved for minorities, women, animal protection, and the environment.

The great truism, however, is that none of Trump’s proposals, nor any of the ludicrous fantasies contained in the Republican platform, could possible be enacted. Nothing controversial…

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