Only Non-Tea Party Republican Congressmen Can Stop the TPP

Armory of the Revolution


All but 28 Democrats in the House voted against fast tracking the TPP. All but 50 Republicans voted for it. Fast track (known as Trade Promotion Authority) passed 218-210. It must now be submitted for ratification to both the House and the Senate for TPP to become law. Fast tracking TPP means that the Senate cannot filibusterer it and it cannot be amended.

Obama wants the TPP ratified. TPP is the Trans Pacific Partnership, the multinational trade agreement that was secretly negotiated by the Obama administration with eleven other Pacific Rim nations.

Environmentalists, unions, humans rights advocates, and animal activists are united in opposition to the TPP. Among it’s many provisions, few are actually about trade. Most of the TPP’s focus is protecting investors. The TPP provides for extra-judicial courts to resolve trade disputes, with the power to override US laws and the US Constitution. As a result of such…

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