PETA: People Executing Terrified Animals

Armory of the Revolution

peta_killers_APeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals kills animals. Tens of thousands of them. By their own admissions.

PETA is not an animal rights organization,nor are they an animal protection organization. PETA is an anti-animal suffering organization.

Ingrid Newkirk, who runs the operation, believes that eliminating the possibility of animal suffering is more important than the rights of animals to live.

To that end, PETAopposes TNR (trap-neuter-release of feral cats), opposes no-kill shelters, kills thousands of dogs and cats in their own facilities, favors BSL (breed-specific legislation aimed at banning breeds such as pit bulls, and passing legislation to exterminate them).

Many take exception to my criticism of PETA, pointing to the good work PETA has done, and is doing, in fighting against fur, factory farms, sealing, bullfighting, etc.

My response is simple. PETA murders animals and there are many organizations doing good work which do not murder…

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