The Case for Anarchy

Armory of the Revolution

anarchyAnarchy has always seemed to me a utopian dream. From the musings of Marx to the libertarian socialism of Noam Chomsky, I believed it impossible to achieve.

My arguments against anarchy turned on the need for a benevolent and just state to enforce the rights of those oppressed by gangs of bullies or businessmen.

Absent government oversight, what is to prevent theft, extortion, usury, bribery, coercion, and fraud? What redress has anyone in a stateless society?

The Marxist model envisages the winnowing away of the state. I was never convinced, although I embrace most of the tenets of Marxism.

The plight of animals under capitalism has radically impacted my thinking. The status quo for animals is the worst in history for them. Sixty billion are murdered on slaughterhouse floors every year. Animal activists are unable to intervene because the state protects the industries which commit the horrors.

We agitate for…

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