What Have Democrats Done for Animals?

Armory of the Revolution

blm1Animal activists take it as gospel that animals are better off with Democrats in charge.

But are they really better off?

A quick, objective, look at Barack Obama proves that animals could not be treated worse.

The cruel wild horse roundups, the killing of wolves and coyotes, the murders of bison, the torture and murder of animals by the National Institutes of Health, the killing of animals by the military, etc, all belie the popular myth that Democrats are more animal friendly than are Republicans.

As to animals, Republicans are as morally bankrupt as are Democrats. Their support of guns and hunting make them animals’ enemies, nevermind their support for Big Ag, Big Pharma, and their reverence for profits and private property, the justification for almost all the animal cruelty in the world.

For those laboring under the mistaken belief that a Democrat as president would be better for the…

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