Impress Your Friends With a Professional Analysis of the Presidential Race

Armory of the Revolution

Nov 2016If you live in other than a battleground state, you will have no effect on the presidential race.


Red states will go for Trump, blue states will vote Hillary.

The next president will be chosen by voters in purple states. And by only a relative handful of voters. By the numbers, there are more Democrats than Republicans in each swing state. But Republicans vote in greater percentages than do Democrats, so the race will be close.

Trump voters are more enthusiastic than are Hillary voters, but there are fewer of them. The race will be determined by how many Hillary voters stay home.

Conversely, Trump appeals to a segment of the electorate that has been disenfranchised for decades. Proof of that phenomenon can be seen in the astounding turnout in the Republican primaries. Trump won more votes than any Republican presidential candidate in history.

Independent voters appear to be…

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