The Cultural Diversity Fascists

Armory of the Revolution

bull-fightingAnother brilliant and cogent analysis by Marcia Mueller. In this essay she explores the absurdity of those who place cultural traditions above concerns for animals, and explains how our ludicrous international policies are pandering to cultural diversity fascists.

No cultural tradition should be tolerated which involves animal cruelty, just as no tradition which is cruel to humans should be tolerated.

Defenders of animal cruelty resort to cries of racism and xenophobia whenever cultural barbarism is criticized.

Animals are more important than are cultures. And focusing outrage on cruelty is hardly racist. There are animal activists of every race, nationality, and color united against the horrors animals endure.

Cultural Diversity Fascists and their Politically Correct Apologists

by Marcia Mueller

Since animals can’t vote or donate, Hillary will have very little interest in their well-being. So her lack of involvement with bullfighting, whaling, sealing, dolphin killing, horse roundups, live export and other…

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