The Most Evil Person Ever to Have Sought the Presidency

Armory of the Revolution

evilHillary is easily the most evil and corrupt person to ever seek the presidency. She is the status quo, another term for Obama’s policies. The animals have never fared worse than they do now. Hers will be another of endless war, special interests, military profiteering, banks running amok, and animals dying at the hands of multinational corporations through our trade agreements.

She prostituted her office as Secretary of State to raise money for the Clinton Foundation, she coerced foreign governments to pay to play for arms and influence.

She has received a stream of bribes from Wall Street banks and investment firms, she most notably received $625,000 from Goldman Sachs for so called “speeches” which she has never disclosed.

I voted for Obama twice. Were I to have it to do over again, I would vote against him. His promise was that he was a progressive, that he represented change…

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