Bernie, Hillary, and Trump all Support Hunting.

Armory of the Revolution

deer in scopeIs a deer’s life worth less than the life of a leopard? Apparently so.

I believe that all sentient beings have the same rights to life and to be on this Earth. But many animal activists seem to hold the view that some lives are worth more than others.

There were precious few animal activists condemning Bernie Sanders for his support of hunting and animal agriculture.

And few animal activists are condemning Hillary for her support of hunting, that Bill hunts, or that she also supports animal agriculture.

But when it comes to Donald Trump, there is a deafening outcry about Trump’s sons hunting and his support of them.

One would presume that of all people, animal activists would find all animal murder to be reprehensible. That some are selective in their outrage suggests that they are either being hypocritical or are serving an agenda other than the animals.


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