Animal People: Please Remove Heads from Asses Long Enough to Read This!

Armory of the Revolution


Neither Hillary nor Trump will be able to get anything of consequence through the divided Congress. But the president does have the constitutional authority to cancel treaties, which is what our trade deals are. Trump, with the stroke of a pen, will save more animals than has anyone in history.

Over the course of his four year term he will have saved more animals than has the entire animal movement over the past century, BY A FACTOR OF TEN.

Trade agreements kill animals. Hundreds of millions of animals every year die specifically because of our trade agreements, which make it cheaper and more profitable to produce animal corpses. Using Third World labor, US companies ship animals overseas to be tortured, slaughtered, butchered, and returned to the US for sale in American stores and restaurants. Trade agreements require that nations forbid Country of Origin labeling to prevent consumer boycotts. The Obama…

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