What Has Hillary EVER Done For Animals?

Armory of the Revolution

Hillary animalsAnimal activists who support Hillary are constantly pointing to her HSUS score while a US Senator as proof of Hillary’s being a friend to animals. To get an accurate reading on Hillary and her concern for animals, they need to look instead at what she has done since leaving the Senate and what she is advocating now, It is hardly a stellar record of caring about animals, and is very discouraging if animals are your priority, or even a concern.

Hillary’s animal positions in the Senate were mere puffery and bullshit. After leaving the Senate, she became the second most powerful person on the planet. Secretary of State of the United States of America.

What did she do for animals with all that power and influence? Absolutely nothing.

She was certainly capable of extorting money from foreign governments for the Clinton Foundation, but unable to secure anything for the animals…

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