There is a Certain Justice in an Oppressor Being Oppressed

Armory of the Revolution

oppressionBlacks, Hispanics, women, LGBTs, etc, are all oppressed in one way or another. Their basic human rights are frequently denied them. Blacks are shot down in the streets, Hispanics are rounded up and deported, women are still fighting for equal pay and workplace respect, for reproductive freedom and an end to patriarchy, LGBTs have no legal protection against bigotry in the workplace or the marketplace.

Yet most of those people in turn abuse, exploit, and oppress animals.

People who are oppressed by others generally react negatively when their own oppression of animals is discussed.

To the observer, there is a certain justice when one who denies rights to others finds his own rights violated. But most who complain of oppression seem oblivious to the harm they do in turn. Most see the specks in the others eyes but are unaware of the beams in their own.

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