Why Hillary’s Election Will Help Republicans

Armory of the Revolution

gerrymander-2Conversely, a Trump victory will help Democrats. Each party would be better off if their nominee were to lose!

Missing from the national dialogue is any rational discussion of the consequences of the election. The reason is likely due to egos and the personal political agendas of most of the people behind the candidates.

But the most important consideration is not being addressed. It is, in fact, being ignored by both the media and political observers.

And it is profoundly important. More important than either candidates’ positions on anything.

Neither Trump nor Hillary will be able to get anything controversial or of consequence through Congress. Republicans will continue to hold the House, the Democrats will control the Senate. It will be as gridlocked as government has been under Obama.

There are few things in life as certain as the fact that the party in the White House loses midterm elections…

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