If They Were Our Children in the Slaughterlines, What Would We Do?

Armory of the Revolution

slaughtered childrenAnimal Rights advocates prattle on about animals having the same rights as we humans claim for ourselves. We argue that animals have the same rights not to be owned, enslaved, and murdered as humans have. The same right to be on this Earth.

We argue that every creature values its life as we do ours. That every sentient being is equally valuable. That all lives are precious.

But do we really believe all that?

Because if we did, we would act much differently than we do.

If the baby calves and baby pigs trucked to slaughterhouses were baby humans, how would we act? What would we do?

I venture not one of us would be complaining about it on Facebook. We wouldn’t be signing petitions, holding signs, or emailing anyone.

We would be in the streets with guns and bottles and bricks.

We would throw ourselves in front of the…

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