Feminists Who Condone Rape!

Armory of the Revolution

femininistRape, slavery, infanticide. Such is the dairy industry,

If any human beings on Earth should identify with the suffering of cows and their babies, it should be those who advocate against the rape and enslavement of women, and the murder of their children.

However, there is a deafening silence from feminists and women’s advocates about the atrocities committed in the dairy industry. There is a deafening silence about the price animals pay so humans can indulge themselves with milk and cheese.

Sadly, most feminists are perfectly OK with rape if it happens to non-humans. Only violations of the bodies of female humans raises their ire.

Not only do most feminists ignore the horrors committed upon their non-human sisters, most feminists participate in causing the horrors.

Cows are raped. Their newborns are ripped from them and slaughtered. The cows are then enslaved as long as they are producing milk. Once their…

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