Trump People Will Revolt if the Election is Rigged

Armory of the Revolution

riotsBernie Sanders took the rigged Democratic primaries and the collusion of the DNC with corrupt officials in stride.

Even when several university studies concluded that, absent election fraud, Bernie actually won the primaries and the delegates to win the nomination, Bernie remained calm and collected.

Even after the DNC email leaks proved that Bernie was cheated out of delegates and the system was rigged to defeat him, Bernie kept his word and supported Hillary once she was nominated.

Many of his supporters are abandoning the Democratic party in the wake of how Bernie was treated.

Hillary has no such compliant opponent in Donald Trump.

Political chicanery and election fraud are apparently common operating procedures for the Clinton machine.

If they think they can get away with it again in the general election against Trump, Hillary herself will be responsible for the consequences.

If Hillary and the corrupt officials who support…

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