President Trump’s Sons could put Animal Rights on the National Stage

Armory of the Revolution

serial killersThe animal movement has never had the possibility of accomplishing so much as it has with prospect of a Trump presidency.

Most animal activists who criticize Trump point to Trump’s serial killer sons who hunt big game and post horrific pics of themselves with poor creatures they have murdered for fun. And while Trump himself does not hunt, like Bernie Sanders, he condones and supports hunting.

Trump also owned a steak company and buys his wife furs.

At first glance, Trump seems an unlikely ally for animal activists, and an even more unlikely savior of animals.

Most animal activists are shocked when I explain that Trump will save more animals each year than has the entire worldwide animal movement over the past 50 years.

A generous estimate of the average number of animals saved by the animal movement is about one million per year, primarily cats and dogs. That equals…

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