The Case for Human Extinction

Armory of the Revolution

human_extinction___coloured_version_by_bataulai-d8a9rhjby Marcia Mueller

Halal slaughter is ugly and inhumane and should be outlawed. However, Islam is not the only religion that has a pattern of animal abuse. There is Jewish kosher killing and the Kaporos torture of chickens. There is Santeria sacrifice as well as the many festivals of the saints in traditional Catholic countries where animals are sadistically tortured. It is time for Religion to question the contradictions underlying its myths and rituals and condemn brutal practices, such as halal, that have no place in the 21st century.

People should be asking why would a loving and righteous God, as many believe their deity to be, demand such human savagery and animal suffering in His worship. Is it because, contrary to the Biblical version, it is more likely that “man” created God in his own bloodthirsty image instead of the other way around? Is that the real Original Sin?

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